Teenternship program

Our Teenternship Program is specifically designed for teens who are interested in taking on more responsibility and commitment. While this program is perfect for those who would like to earn school credit or fulfill a community service requirement for graduation/entry to a higher education institution, we enroll teens based on their personal interest and desire to gain the experience. By participating in this program, they get to apply themselves in a real world environment and develop their communication skills, teamwork ability, success-forming habits, emotional intelligence, and self-sufficiency.

Teenternship Program – For Peer Mentors

Required commitment: 40 volunteer hours over the course of 3 months (this includes training workshop which covers the principles of inclusion, acceptance and neurodiversity). Ages 18 and under.

Teenternship – Peer Mentor Benefits

Training Workshop (What is Neurodiversity?)
School Credit (based on availability at academic institution)
Experience in Special Education
Experience in Leadership
Development of Professional Portfolio & Resume Building
Certificate of Completion (Upon fulfillment of 40 hours)
Letter of Recommendation

Interested in completing the Teenternship? Download the application here and send the completed forms to volunteer@feedyourfriends.org

Curious about the teenternship or peer mentoring? Send us a message to inquire.

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