Our peer mentors — role models and leaders to those they support.


Sarah Brown

Sarah is a senior at Chaminade College Preparatory. When she became a peer mentor at Feed With Friends, Sarah felt a special connection with the program. Through her service to others, Sarah hopes to promote acceptance of people with special needs, and to further the general public's understanding of neurodiversity. In her free time, she loves spending time in nature, listening to music, reading books, watching movies, hanging with family and friends, and participating in her school's drama program. Sarah’s enthusiasm and sense of humor bring a great energy to the group!

Tamar Simon

My name is Tamar Simon. I became a peer mentor at Fitness With Friends Summer Camp during the summer of 2014. My love of nature, playing sports, and spending time at the beach made FWF a wonderful place to spend my summer. It was super fun and has really given me a greater understanding of neurodiversity. To me, neurodiversity means that neurological differences are unique qualities that make people who they are. It reminds us that the differences we possess are what make us all special.


Rowan Lane

My name is Rowan Lane and I’m a student at Malibu High School.  I am 15 years old, and became a peer mentor during the summer of 2014. Being a part of Feed Your Friends has been an amazing experience! I’ve learned so much, and have had a blast spending time with the campers and other peer mentors. Everyday there are fun activities planned that everyone enjoys and participates in. The camp coordinators are always enthusiastic and encouraging about whatever we’re doing.  My definition of neurodiversity is; different ways each individual person independently thinks and processes information, as well as, the way they approach challenges and obstacles.  I am thrilled to be volunteering at FYF!


Francesca Reihani

Hi, my name is Francesca Reihani, and I am a proud peer mentor at Fitness With Friends Summer Camp! Ever since I began volunteering at this amazing camp, it has opened my eyes to a beautiful new world with extraordinary people. I enjoy activities such as volleyball and track and field. I love making people smile, and creating positive changes in the world. Through FWF I learned the importance of neurodiversity, and that everyone is beautiful in his or her own way. I am so grateful to be a part of the Feed Your Friends family!

Ty Frost

Hi, my name is Ty Frost. I was born in Los Angeles, and am currently attending Viewpoint High School. I’m passionate about being outdoors, traveling, baseball, film and music. Being a peer mentor with Fitness With Friends has been an amazing experience! I believe that making fitness a part of your everyday life is important to being both mentally and physically strong.

Isabelle Wilson

Though Isabelle joined the Feed Your Friends family quite recently, she feels as though she has unlocked a lifetime’s worth of knowledge and positive memories. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she is a true California girl. Whether soaking up the sun at the beach or photographing the world around her, you’ll be sure to find Isabelle with a smile across her face. She is a proud member of both the debate and swim teams at her school. Isabelle’s curiosity has pushed her to become a lover of learning. Isabelle believes that neurological differences should be celebrated. She wishes that in the near future, neurodiversity will be valued even more than it is today. Down the road, she hopes to travel the globe, fully immersing herself in the different cultures of the world and sharing her passions with others.