Our peer mentors are exceptional young people who enjoy the opportunity to see the world through a new perspective. They get to mentor a peer with special needs by having positive interactions and teaming up in various fitness activities (including beach volleyball, swimming, yoga, hiking, hula hooping, circuit training, and more). Our Peer Mentors enjoy their experience for being able to tap into their own interests and hobbies while modeling social skills and participation in activities for their peers with special needs. 

They walk away from the experience with an understanding of neurodiversity and it's importance in today's world. Our Peer Mentors are more likely to prevent bullying among their peers and exhibit behaviors that are kind and inclusive of people with developmental differences. They are agents of social change, consciously growing the anti-bullying movement and making the world a more accepting and friendly place for the growing population of people with special needs. 

Peer Mentors who wish to earn volunteer hours for school, are encouraged to complete our Teenternship Program.

Interested in becoming a Peer Mentor?  Please submit your completed application to volunteer@feedyourfriends.org . We look forward to meeting you!