Our volunteers — living the heart and soul of our mission.


Paige O'Connor

Paige is a recent graduate of Colorado College and an enthusiastic volunteer at Feed Your Friends. As a Cellular and Molecular Biology Major, she studied developmental and neurological disorders at the most basic cellular levels, and is excited to put her knowledge in action by working with special needs youth. A science geek through and through, she believes that volunteering with neurodiverse youth is truly a mutualistic relationship, since these kids truly inspire her. Paige is also a lover of all things fitness, from studying sports science in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to her days as a varsity athlete on the soccer and track and field teams. 


Jessica Pedersen

"This past summer I volunteered with FYF in their Fitness with Friends program and it was one of the best experiences. Being able to give back to the community and raise awareness for neurodiversity through such an amazing organization has truly been a blessing. Everyone involved was so dedicated and passionate for the cause and it was such a positive environment. I cannot wait to come back next summer to continue to work with such great people."


Andrea Piatti

My name is Andrea and I spent the summer volunteering in the Feed Your Friends summer camp in the Pacific Palisades! What an amazing experience! I made a lot of new friends, each day we would go through activities together such as funny games, hikes and stretching sessions! The best part? Playing in the ocean with the waves for a couple of hours before the end of the day! We kept everything fun and moving, interesting and musical! :) Thanks Mr Kerry! Looking forward Summer 2015 to meet all my friends again!